Car Dealer Benefits - Cars for sale Cyprus. The best used cars in Cyprus.

Car Dealer Benefits - Cars for sale Cyprus. The best used cars in Cyprus.

Only for professional car dealers. is ready to accept a plethora of motor vehicles so you can easily and simply sell your vehicles.

Below you will see in detail the benefits you have with each partnership with

Professional Photography

Contact Form

We professionally shoot all the cars in your area.

We create a contact form for direct buyer contact with you.

Listing your vehicles

Account Management

We record all cars in your area.

You can add and remove cars in your account in a very easy way.

Create a small website

Featured Cars

We create your own account on our website so that you can handle your cars, change prices, delete a car, add a car or more.

We add to the top of our central website the cars you prefer to have more visibility. The number of cars you can add is according to your subscription package.

Adding your vehicles

Car promotion

We add the cars we recorded and photographed to the account we created in our website.

We promote your cars through media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + ...

Logo Advertising

Tracking Map

We add your business logo to our website.

We create a map for buyers to find you easily.

Send email

Aerial photography

You get notified automatically by email when the buyer wants a specific vehicle which is not exist in our website.

Our team take over high quality resolution photographies by latest techonoly of drone (unmanned aerial vehicle).

With great pleasure we would like to work with you.
Sincerely, the team of Car For Sale Cyprus.

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