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Mar 18, 2016

The latest model of Tesla demonstrates that electric driving can now and not require compromises - at least in large luxury cars
The Tesla Model S, an electric limousine to the size of the Mercedes S-Class, which is made in California, has just arrived in Europe. So that is the first test on European roads.
We need to get the hat in this company. While the global automotive shows -parakolouthontas timid, waiting or too dipping a finger in water sports with models of very limited production, hatchback limited autonomy and plug-in yvridika- the non-conformist American manufacturer proceeds to electrification with absolute dedication.
Unaffected by the lukewarm reaction of the market in electric cars, the Tesla remains the way of extending the range with quite a few distinct models by 2015. based on the Lotus Elise, TeslaRoadster stopped being produced, but in the next two years the firm will offer small and large family, plus a SUV crossover, those who want to forget about gas stations. The automobile public can not buy even electric (EV) in significant amounts, not simply because of the right product is offered. The bold solution of Tesla to provide three, in a short time.
Within this context, therefore, behold the first installment: the Tesla Model S. In the first quarter of 2013, this car went on sale the Mercedes S-Class, the Lexus LS and Audi A8 in the US market. And sold more than two times more than the BMW 7 Series therefore proves popular - and not just as an EV.
Answers to all
Performance, space and autonomy. These are the elements that do not offer electric cars - and this is what differentiates the Model S. Until I make and viable alternative.
It's a real luxury a five - or seven-seat measurements if the extra child seat in the trunk, who look backwards - with spaces worthy of a large saloon. He has rear hatchback type door and two luggage compartments, front and back -in style Porsche Cayman- with a total capacity of 1,800 liters. And as it is made largely of aluminum, weighs only 100 kg more than an equivalent petrol limousine. So an electric motor 415 PS and 61.3 kgmston rear axle enough to really give fast performance - although the top speed of this premium version "Performance" is only 210 km / h.
Above all, however, comes the question that matters most: This top Model S has miaaftonomia, between charges, of up to 480 km in the European cycle NEDC test and 420 km in the US EPA standards. The not insignificant achievement is due to a huge lithium-ion battery of 85 kWh under the floor. Its capacity is more than four times that of the Nissan Leaf and the charge capacity is not for five minutes. In a typical European road of 32A charger, it will take about 15 hours.
The Model S is available with a standard charger of 11 kW which receives supply from prong household outlet 13A and over - but charging with this way is painfully slow. From a high power wall charger (extra equipment) charging at up to 30 miles / hour (48 km / h), as it says Tesla to express the total charge time of 10 hours. Dual embedded (on-board) chargers is another extra that can increase the home charging speed to the maximum of 60 miles / hour (96 km / h), a single-phase supply 80A.
Outside the home, the network AC Charger "Superchargers" of Tesla in the US can charge the battery to 50% capacity in just 30 minutes, making travel -in specific streets-a realistic proposition.
Eventually this may not be the first no-compromise electric car market, after -to not forget the Model S costs from € 71.400 Starter Edition in Germany and reaches € 96.500stin version Performance. However, the difference from a corresponding gasoline is small. With real consumption to 15 lt / 100km, an Audi S8 does over 600 km with the tank of 90 liters, the same acceleration 0-100 km / h and costs and that close to 100,000. It has extra large tax and presumption, while the electric Tesla primed tax and a full charge, the average price per kilowatt hour (in Greece) euro 0.12, it costs only 10 euros.
The Model S is a beautiful, expensive to drive eye. slightly reminiscent of others, but to forgive is a company which is the first model and does not want to scare the public. Thick chrome handles, hidden doors, appear when you unlock and provide access to an interior that will swear that belongs to the exhibition car concept. There are a few switches, no conventional instrument and the design is innovative in the 21st century, as you would expect from something designed a few kilometers away from Apple's headquarters. Dominance has a touch screen of 17 inches, from which you control the air conditioning, lights and air suspension, in addition to watching the navigation system, the energy pattern of use, and the web browser if you wish.
There is no main switch or Start, only a single lever on the steering wheel. The einaiaftomato handbrake. The motor is activated when you press the brake. The car is incredibly efkolodigitostis low speeds, and completely silent. The suspension is sturdy, comfortable and isolates it from the road than the 21-inch wheels. Energy recovery begins just lift your foot off the accelerator and slow down the car so effectively, you need only the brakes when waiting at traffic lights.
I will not go into a detailed description of the behavior on the road, we will just make three comments. First, that at reasonable speeds the Tesla really shows fast oposena super-saloon (eg BMW M5): extremely powerful and direct in response to the 120 km / h. Secondly, even with the harder suspension setting, there is a real super-saloon. It is oriented more to the sophisticated operation and usability, like a cross between an old 12kylindri Jaguar or BMW and a high-speed maglev train.
And thirdly, that when Tesla promises realistic autonomy 480 km, it means it. After the path of 220 km to the MIRA testing ground for performance measurement, which our British colleagues made it to 130 km / h constant, the Model S still had 180 km of autonomy useful. With lower speeds in mixed routes could -lene - to make 480 km, may or will and above, with a single charge.
Landmark of motoring
From 6-7 electric cars have tried our colleagues of the British AUTOCAR, only two failed to complete the process of measuring, photographing and evaluating the road without needing the help of a trailer. Both were Tesla.
It seems that the American company understands what the consumer wants. Small cars are cheap and consume very little fuel. So that you do a small electric car that meets all needs is something very difficult, as evidenced by very low sales of such cars.
However, in the luxury cars, the Tesla manages much easier to come to the same level of performance and price with its competitors. He achieved great autonomy by placing a huge battery and found a clientele more open to new technology and with more amenities in the home and office to compensate for the disadvantages. Practical, refined and above all desirable, the Model S is a triumph.
What does DRIVE
An electric car with solved the problems inherent in performance, the space and autonomy. Practical, refined and above all desirable, probably will be a milestone in the history of electrification
Three-phase AC motor technology, 415 PS / 5.000-6.700 rpm, 61,3 kgm / 0-5.100 rpm, transmission (gear unit) one relationship, rear-wheel drive
0-100 km / h 4,2 "
Top speed 210 km / h
Average consumption of 176 Wh / km
Autonomy up to 480 km
Emissions of CO2 0 g / km
Dimensions 4.970 x 1.964 x 1.445 mm
Weight 2.108 kg
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