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Suzuki, Alto, 2005, Manual, Petrol
Kia, cee’d, 2012, Automatic, Diesel
BMW, 3 Series, 318Ci, 2005, Manual, Petrol
Isuzu, Mega, 2001, Manual, Diesel
BMW, X6, 2016, Automatic, Diesel
Porsche, Cayenne, 2004, Automatic, Petrol
Peugeot, 308, 2008, Manual, Petrol
BMW, 3 Series, 320d, 2013, Automatic, Diesel
CLS-Class, Mercedes, CLS220, 2015, Automatic, Diesel
E-Class, Mercedes, E250, 2014, Automatic, Diesel
Honda, Jazz, 2015, Manual, Petrol
Alfa Romeo, Giulietta, 2011, Manual, Diesel
BMW, M3, 2002, Manual, Petrol
SLK-Class, Mercedes, SLK250, 2014, Automatic, Diesel
6 Series, BMW, 630i, 2007, Automatic, Petrol
Audi, Q7, 2013, Automatic, Diesel
E-Class, Mercedes, E220, 2017, Automatic, Diesel
Volkswagen, Beetle, 2001, Automatic, Petrol
BMW, X5, 2014, Automatic, Diesel
Audi, A3, 2012, Manual, Petrol
Volkswagen, Tiguan, 2017, Automatic, Diesel
BMW, 4 Series, 428i, 2014, Automatic, Petrol
E-Class, Mercedes, E220, 2014, Automatic, Diesel
Volkswagen, Touareg, 2005, Automatic, Petrol
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